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How to Download CCleaner for Windows 10 PC

Hi there, Welcome to my blog. Today I am going to share some vital information on how you could download and install CCleaner for Windows 10 PC. This is a great tool and contains various features which allow you to speed up the computer performance. If you are a Windows user you might have faced the issue of slow PC, this is common with earlier Windows PCs. But this app has a solution for that type of issue. CCleaner allows you to clean all the trash and temporary files which cause lags to your Windows operating system. Any operating system uses lots of files and folders to run installed software on the user demand. But the disadvantage of this is that it creates lots of temporary system files which are no longer for use once the software window is closed by the user.

CCleaner scans the operating system drive and marks the files which are further no longer in use by a computer system. Once the scan is done, it allows you to delete those files just with a simple one click. As a user of this tool I am satisfied with the performance of CCleaner and always recommend others to use this app. Now I am going to share some of its great features which allow you to enhance the performance of your Windows computer by doing just simple tweaks. Let’s check the features of the CCleaner App for Windows 10 PC.

How to Download CCleaner for Windows 10 PC

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Features of CCleaner for Windows 10 PC

The following is the list of features provided by the CCleaner for free. Some of these features might not work on your system if you are using old Windows operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7. Now check the list of features.

  • Protection: CCleaner provides you free standard privacy protection against phishing. On the internet there are .exe files are available which automatically get downloaded once you visit that website. Especially on the website like porn or pirated software.
  • Cleaning: This app cleans all the temporary files which are not further being used by your operating system to perform any task.
  • PC Health: CCleaner has an inbuilt feature which performs automatic PC health check so that your PC could elude from any upcoming hardware or software issues.
  • Browser:  It also cleans all the cache stored on your web browser so that you get fast loading time while using the internet.
  • Remove Trackers:  CCleaner removes all the internet trackers on your computer that will track the geo-location so that websites can target ads on your computer.

So above are the few features of the CCleaner. If you want to check all the features of this I recommend you to visit their official website for more information. Now let’s check how to download and CCleaner on your Windows 10 PC.

Download and Install CCleaner on Windows 10 PC

The following steps will help you in downloading and installing the CCleaner software for free. There are two versions of CCleaner one is free and another has yearly charges if you want to download now. But below the given steps will only over the free version of CCleaner.

  • On your laptop or Windows computer open any web browser like; Opera, Google Chrome, etc.
  • Then go to the following URL: https://www.ccleaner.com/
  • Once the webpage is loaded now you can move forward with download steps.
  • On the screen, you will find two types of versions of CCleaner. The first one is free and the second is paid.
  • But you have to click on the free version to download the CCleaner.
  • Once clicked CCleaner will automatically start downloading on your Windows PC.
  • Once the file is download, now you have to click on the setup to install the CCleaner on your PC.
  • Just follow the upcoming instruction in the CCleaner setup window and click on Finish in the end.
  • Now the CCleaner is installed on your Windows 10 PC. To access the software you have to click on the shortcut created on your Windows 10 desktop.

I hope now you are able to download and install the CCleaner software on your Windows 10 PC. If you are still facing any issue in the installation of the software then on’ worry. Just leave the comment and our team will revert back within few minutes.

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